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  • Repairs inside of walls

Accurate Plumbers of Florida Inc. uses only FlowGuard Gold CPVC potable water piping. It holds a 40 year plus history of reliability in millions of homes. Compared to copper, it will NOT corrode or pinhole due to aggressive waters. The FlowGuard Gold pipe and fitting system maintains full water flow capacity because its scale-resistance means no build up to cause water pressure loss. It also meets the stringent safety requirements of ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for drinking water. A FlowGuard Gold plumbing system keeps your water pure. Florida water is classified as “aggressive”. Even though our water may be safe to drink, it can affect metal plumbing systems and cause elements such as lead, copper, and calcium to dissolve into the water supply. Metal pipes, copper or galvanized, can be a significant source of impurities in our water. This and low PH levels are main contributors to aggressive water, resulting in a repetitive pinhole problem and a failing copper plumbing system in your home. The best way to minimize such impurities and alleviate repetitive copper pinholes and leaks is to consider a FlowGuard Gold Plumbing System. A FlowGuard Gold System is free of heavy metal impurities and conforms to the stringent safety requirements of ANSI/NSF 61 standard of drinking water and health effects. Also, unlike some copper systems, Flowguard Gold CPVC pipe meets the ANSI/NSF 61 requirements regardless of the PH levels in the water.


To see more information about FlowGuard Gold Pipe and its benefits go to http://www.flowguardgold.com.

Benefits of FlowGuard Gold CPVC

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Repiping services

Do you have copper plumbing and are you suffering from pinholes and constant leaks under the slab or in the walls? Or do you have grey polybutilane pipe that keeps blowing apart? Are you interested in solving these problems in your home or business by repiping your plumbing system? If you are, let me assure you it's a lot less painful than most people think. Repiping your home or business is the process of eliminating your old system and replacing it with a new CPVC piping system that will be redirected through your attic. Although it requires minimal drywall repair, there is no destruction of your slab, tile floors or cabinets. Therefore, saving the structural integrity of your home. Not to mention the expenses of constantly repairing leak after leak.

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